AngryHateMusic | You are downstairs and hear a loud crash and mumbled yelling! What thoughts would go through your head? For Todd Blair he was allowed no more than a few seconds to become aware of his situation.

“We’re glad we’re moving away. It’s a bad neighborhood,” said Brody Craven, who lives a block away.

“It’s scary to think that kind of stuff happens around here,” said Samantha Markos, another neighbor.
Deseret News

“She believes her brother was in the basement when agents were forcing their way through the front door. He didn’t hear the officers announce they were police serving a warrant, Doesberg said, and went up the stairs thinking he would be facing burglars.”

“The Weber County District Attorney’s Office has ruled the shooting justified under Utah law.”

Roy police Sgt. Troy Burnett shot and killed Todd E. Blair during a September 16, 2010 raid by the Weber-Morgan Narcotics Strike Force.

Warning! Graphic footage…

Condolences to the family and friends of Todd Blair. Justifying murder with law is not acceptable. It is no different than a home invasion by a gang of thugs. It is no different than the NKVD TROIKA (Stalin’s Deadly Trios). Except for this time it was brought to you by your tax dollars.