Police StateStrike-The-Root.com | Note that the clause in question speaks only of an “Enumeration” – i.e., the total number of people living in a given geographical region. It says precisely nothing about the ethnicity of said people, their occupations, level of earnings, or how many toilets happen to be in their home. It says nothing about whether you own pets, have a medical condition, or are a certain age. It means how many people live where you do. Period. End of story. But somewhere along the line, some group of smartass politicians decided that wasn’t good enough.

And as if it wasn’t, note that the CON-stitution (capital letters quite deliberate) states that the sole two purposes of such an enumeration are to a.) provide for the election of the constitutionally appropriate number of congressmen to the U.S. House of Representatives based on each “State’s” population, and b.) to properly apportion any direct taxes amongst the populace.

I can’t and wouldn’t want to speak for you, but I would consider the complete and total absence of all congressmen a blessing, and so could care less about the “state” I allegedly live in being “properly” represented in a governmental body. I don’t vote and never want to. So this is a less than useless provision.

As for the second part, in case anyone hasn’t noticed, we’re already the victims of several unapportioned direct taxes – “income” and “Social Security” being the two big ones. Allegedly the 16th “Amendment” changed any and all apportionment requirements. There is much evidence to suggest that this is total bullshit, but that’s largely academic. The truth is, government does as it damn well pleases, and you’d better pay up, sit down, and shut up if you don’t want to lose everything you own, spend your life in a cage, or get shot. Those are your current options in lovely Amerika. Isn’t freedom great? Read Entire Article

By Alex R. Knight III