| As an anarchist I don’t enjoy the monopolies of war and justice. Never have, never will. It’s something I’ve never understood. How the many can let the fear riddled by protectionism rule their lives. They let it plunder their livelihood.

All humans have some value. Many people I have no relationship with or don’t know personally at all have value. We all do. I wish no violence or death on anyone. All human life matters. When officers are shot I do not sing praise. This is usually obfuscated by State supporters nearly all the time. All I want is the occupations that are undoubtedly monopolized to end. Cease their operations and bring in market competition and technology.

It’s the job I wish to end. The job itself is what I want to cease. Not the person behind the job. I wish for the person to find peace and leave this monopoly of violence. New technologies can replace the cogs of destruction with alternative methods of peace and prosperity. Read Entire Article

By Jamie Redman