| Today the motive for dishonesty is strong and the pervasive example of government is powerful; the entire society is riddled with theft, fraud and compulsion from top down. For example for the 12 most formative years of life one is compelled to sit still in an institution funded 100% by massive theft, and be taught by teachers whose Unions systematically press for even greater theft. One “graduates” only after jumping through hoops set by social engineers, determined to press their vision for society upon each rising generation by the force of law. One obtains “higher” “education” only if one conforms to what is politically correct and, in some cases, only if one had the wisdom to be born within a certain race.

That any honest, hardworking, entrepreneurial people at all emerge from such a disaster is a powerful testament to the human spirit, and a powerful indicator of how much wealth the human race will produce when liberated from such utter nonsense. Read Entire Article