| If I’m going to renounce the violence of war, I must renounce all violence. There is no getting around the fact that voting is in fact an act of violence. It has been couched in terms of “civic duty” or “obligation,” even a “privilege.” It is none of these things. There is a crucial difference between obedience to the state that is forced, and obedience that is not. In the government’s false construct of “civic duty,” the obedience is clearly not forced.

In matters of taxation, obedience is most definitely compelled. I do not pay taxes out of some sense of responsibility to the hallowed Founding Fathers. I pay them because I do not want my stuff confiscated and my butt thrown in jail. However, when I was a voter (even when I cast what I knew to be a useless ballot for Ron Paul in February), I was going out of my way for Leviathan. I gave the beast legitimacy. I did it “just in case.” I did it sometimes while licking my lips, hoping that some of the outcomes I desired might come about, not fully understanding that those same outcomes ultimately end up with a gun pointed somewhere, at someone.

Some people may tire of this summation of the democratic process. They point to the peaceful nature of what goes on at the voting booths. Granted, what you have for the most part is a bunch of middle class sorts stopping by the local school for a couple of minutes. No violence, no coercion, no riots or shouting. And sometimes doughnuts! However, you have to be willing to follow the process to its end. The majority decides. The minority doesn’t. Let’s say that the minority then decides to withhold funding. The government, whose existence neither the majority nor the minority questions, notifies the minority that refusal to fund the majority’s decision is not an option. The minority ignores this warning. The government sends another notice. The second warning is dismissed. The government wastes a great deal of time, effort, and funding to seek out the bank accounts of the minority to freeze their assets. The minority still doesn’t obey. The government comes to the doors of those in the minority, demanding compliance. The minority refuses on principle. The government attempts to arrest the minority. The minority resists. The guns come out. There’s your direct line.

You may argue that at any point in this logical progression, the minority would most likely give in prior to the guns being un-holstered and the overt violent act being carried out. You’d be right. We are not living in a day or age, after all, when whole communities of Americans will stand up to tyrannical governments with guns. Most Americans won’t do that anymore. Those who might consider it have seen what will happen. So where is the violence if after the first or second warning, the minority gives in and pays back-taxes with enormous fees? If you can’t see it, you’re reading the wrong article. In fact, you’re at the wrong website. Please go elsewhere and listen to politicians promise a puppy to every homeless orphan boy. (With money taken from the minority at the point of a gun, of course.) Read More

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