| It is said no man is an island. This seems undeniable, yet libertarians are frequently accused of believing individuals are islands. As if we see humans as isolated and alone, unable to join with others to fix problems that are beyond one person’s ability, unless they form that most persistent of Utopian ideas: a government.
People coming together in a completely voluntary and consensual manner, to accomplish something they are in unanimous agreement on, is a wonderful thing to be a part of.

What we do oppose is anyone being forced to join projects they would rather not, and being forced to pay for things they either don’t want, or believe they are getting a bad deal on.
Government is the main barrier preventing individuals from working together and finding voluntary solutions that don’t violate any individuals. Its employees say they must approve, license, regulate, or coordinate every big project, and most small ones as well. Which means, in essence, no private solutions are allowed. Everything must be shoved through the meat grinder of bureaucracy and coercion before being implemented — which destroys any chance of a rational solution being put into action. Read Entire Article

by Kent McManigal