LarkenRose | In the past, I spent lots of money and lots of time supporting this or that candidate, advocating for or against this or that legislation, as a lot of “political activists” have done, and continue to do. Looking back, I now not only realize that it was a total waste of time trying to beg “the system” for freedom, but I realize that it was WORSE than if I had done nothing at all. By bickering over who should be my new master, or whining to the masters to please do what I wanted (they didn’t), I was only reinforcing the notion that “the system” is legitimate–that I should HAVE a master, and that I have some obligation to do what he tells me to do.

The control freaks of the world have done a marvel job of diffusing the anger of their victims by convincing people to channel their frustration into something that is doomed to fail, and guaranteed to NEVER achieve freedom: voting and petitioning “government.” And it works on lots and lots of people, including millions of well-meaning people who can see how bad things are getting. The trouble is, they’re still stuck in the idea (planted by the tyrants and their mouthpieces) that if you want to change how things are, you have to “work within the system.”

And what “system” is that? The system set up by the tyrants. It’s like the Mafia telling you, if you don’t like what they’re doing, you should present your complaints to “Switchblade Guido” and “Tire Iron Tony.” How much good do you think that will do? And yet MOST people who are trying to change our current “government” are trying to do so within the rules made up BY THE CROOKS, i.e., “the political process.” Why would they do such a thing? For the same reason I did it for years: because everyone around them echoes the message that voting and lobbying are the only civilized way to achieve change. In reality, they’re a way to get exhausted while achieving nothing.

A couple weeks ago I gave a talk entitled “Politics, Inside Out.” I think everyone there would agree that something is horribly wrong with “government” today, but beyond that, they seemed to have pretty diverse ideas and philosophies. Many of them were devoted political activists (and at least a couple were candidates). I didn’t meet everyone individually, but there were obviously a lot of sincere, good people there. And it was my job to be the professional party-pooper.

In short, I explained (in a somewhat unusual format) how the control freaks of the world DESIGN “the system” in such a way that “working within the system” will never stop tyranny. In fact, it actually HELPS tyranny, by giving the ILLUSION that the people choose their “leaders,” and that the masters are actually “representatives” and “public servants.” Without the illusion that “the system” allows the people to change things, there would have been open resistance long ago.

As I’ve said before, if Red China invaded and took over (never mind that it’s not tactically possible) and tried to impose a 50% tax on everyone, the people would immediately and forcibly resist. But when the SAME thing is done to us by people pretending to be “our government,” pretending to “represent” us, pretending to be “serving” us, pretending to be doing what they’re doing for the common good, and pretending that we gave them permission to do it–all we do is sit around and whine about it … and keep sending in money.

It’s not surprising that some people respond negatively when they’re told that what they’ve been doing for years, the work they’ve been pouring their hearts and souls into, has all been a pointless waste of time, or maybe something worse. So a few people at Wednesday’s talk had tantrums at me, which I don’t mind at all. (I would have had a tantrum too, if someone said those things to me some years ago.) I only hope that, after the smoke stops coming out of their ears, they take some time to THINK about things. Does voting actually accomplish anything? Do petitions and calls to congressmen do anything? There is one thing that “political action” does do: it tells the tyrants, in no uncertain terms, that we still think that we need THEIR permission before we can be free. Maybe it’s time to stop telling them that.

Wouldn’t it be fun if NO ONE called or wrote to “their” congressmen, no one showed up at the phony “town hall” meetings, and no one paid any attention to the parasite class at all? Tyranny could literally be IGNORED out of existence. But that won’t happen until the people stop worshiping the Uber Nanny called “government.”

By Larken Rose