| “We are called to do no great things, only small things with great Love.” – Mother Teresa

I am wounded daily
And I know you are too.

I am wounded daily when they
Invoke the name of God
As a manipulation
To make me in their own image.

I am wounded daily
When they use the spirit of God
To divide us
And to marginalize those who
Perceive God differently.

I am wounded daily
When they claim the will of God
To justify murder and violence
And the subjugation of the weak.

They claw and tear and rape
The bosom of our mother
And yet demand to be fed
Ever more lavish dishes.

They hold the weak in thrall
Through chains, murder, mutilation and law
So we can have cheap diamonds and oil
And 24 hour purveyance at super centers and malls.

I think of the children
Starving on the streets
While women suffer in prison for
Knowing they could not feed the child
Given without consent.

I grieve for the apathy that abounds
While abundance is squandered.

I am wounded daily
And I know you are as well.

Paul Corbit Brown