The foundation of a free society is to be found in parents who interact with children in life-enriching ways, who connect with feelings and meet needs for respect and choice.

Teaching kids to attribute the cause of their feelings to things outside themselves hinders them (and later, as adults) from taking responsibility for their feelings. (NVC audiobook segment by Marshall Rosenberg)

Wes Bertrand of discusses the book Unconditional Parenting: Moving From Rewards And Punishments To Love And Reason by Alfie Kohn in a series of podcasts which are linked below.

Part One (Introduction) [audio:]

Part Two (Chapter One: Conditional Parenting)[audio:]

Part Three (Chapter Two: Giving And Withholding Love)[audio:]

Part Four (Chapter Three: Too Much Control)[audio:]

Part Five (Chapter Four: Punitive Damages)[audio:]

Part Six (Chapter Five: Pushed To Succeed)[audio:]

Part Seven (Chapter Six: What Holds Us Back)[audio:]

Part Eight (Chapter Seven: Principles Of Unconditional Parenting)[audio:]

Part Nine (Chapter Eight: Love Without Strings Attached) 1of2[audio:]

Part Ten (Chapter Eight: Love Without Strings Attached) 2of2[audio:]

Part Eleven (Chapter Nine: Choices For Children) 1of2

Part Twelve (Chapter Nine: Choices For Children) 2of2[audio:]

Part Thirteen (Chapter Ten: The Child’s Perspective) 1of2[audio:]

Part Fourteen (Chapter Ten: The Child’s Perspective) 2of2[audio:]

Part Fifteen(Appendix) [audio:]