| The reason is simple: We are a governed people. Those who govern are put in power by people who want something they cannot obtain themselves. This means that those who govern have to find a means that those who elected them could not, and to do this, a lot cheating and lying is involved. After all, how can one give money and favors to those who elected them when they do not use their own? Because the taxes required to meet these demands would be so high it would start a revolution within months, debt is used. Who buys and manages the debt? The top 3 percent of course (i.e. – government, power brokers etc).

Yet people join the 99% because they have the herd mentality of safety in numbers. If they truly understood what it would take to get what they want, they would be the most cunning of criminals in methods of stealing. But legal plunder (as Bastiat put it so well) seems to be perfectly acceptable as an alternative on ‘moral’ grounds. Yet because they don’t even have an inkling on what the real problems are, they do what all other animals do – gang up and attack what they don’t understand; which is why they always lose.

The psychological aspect is interesting to. Convince people that the majority is finally rising against the unfair minority, and people will join whether they understand what’s going on or not. I am not surprised at this however – after all, economics can be boring, and requires some knowledge of history. Most people care little for either, so misleading them is by far the easiest thing in the world.

So now what? You have a group so helplessly split on ideals, marching toward many of the same institutions that their government draws its power from – asking the government for more favors that would require even more favors from the institutions that the people are marching on. It would almost be funny if it wasn’t true. Read Entire Article

By David Shirk