| Today we’ll be discussing what it means to believe in government. Is government real, or a figment of your collective, religious imagination? Does not voting mean that we’d be sitting around like a bunch of lazy couch potatoes doing nothing? Or, if we use critical thinking, is it really our first course of action to disempower the criminals whom we call politicians? Is voting the only way to effect change? Or is it in reality one of the least effective ways to effect change and gain freedom? And what does it mean to live in a democratic (or “mob-ruled”) society, anyway?

Today we question some of our most firmly held governmental religious myths as we continue this investigation on the myth of government, exposing government as the fallacy of “ad verecundiam”.

It is time to grow up. The time is now to stop having mommy and daddy government tell us what we want, and what we can or can’t do, say, eat, or what drugs we can take. Today we begin acting as adults, making our own decisions – rejecting the fallacy of appeal to authority, or ad verecundiam.