| The growth of the state with its government apparatus has resulted in the growth of coercion, the growth of force. When all of the layers of government are peeled back to reveal its inner core, its essence, that essence is force. This fact is hardly a secret. A college text in political science will define government as that entity which has a monopoly on the use of coercion within a given geographic area. This growth of governmental force acts as a heavy saddle on your back as you are coerced to comply with statues, mandates, regulations, tax codes, military drafts, government service, labor laws, licenses – indeed, the whole range of government trespass into your private and personal life. It is a heavy burden and will only get heavier until some intervention takes place.

This essay will briefly explore three of the mechanisms the state uses to expand its force over civil society and individual liberty. The mechanisms will be presented as models in the form of flow charts, i.e., simplified representations of reality. We will begin with an overview examining civil society and its greatest threat, political society. Read Entire Article

By Duane Colyar