AnarchyInABottle | Taxes. We pay them, just like everybody else. Although some of you don’t and I hold you in the highest respect. But is there anybody that doesn’t have to pay taxes? Well yes there is. However you wouldn’t know it by the way some people talk. You see government employees don’t pay taxes. Oh I know what you might be thinking. “They have to file with the IRS and pay their dues too!” Well yeah that’s how the political theatre makes it look. I have to say it’s an impressive script.

But let’s look at this script a little closer. Let’s take an example. Let’s imagine a guy named Walter. Walter is an employee at the county clerks office. He makes a fair salary, has a family at home, doesn’t spend too much, and his taxes are about the same as everybody else. So April comes, and Walter has to pay his taxes. He fills out all of his paperwork and sends it in. He gets a few refunds, so there is a silver lining. As he grumbles about how insanely high his taxes are, he realizes he has to go to work. He takes off and has a typical day on the job…with one exception.

Today is pay day! So Walter goes home happy with his paycheck. But wait a minute. Where did that paycheck come from? Wasn’t it partially funded by Walter’s tax dollars? Why yes, yes it was. Of course you and I had to chip in too, but Walter got some of his money back. Not only did Walter get some of his money back this week, but he will also get some back next week. The cycle will continue, and eventually Walter will have made more than he put in to taxes.

This isn’t taxation. This is an investment. Most of us know how investments work I trust? Let’s say I have some money and I invest it in a Broadway musical. Well now I don’t have that money anymore. It’s not in my hands so clearly I lost it right? Wrong! The show opens a month later and it’s an instant hit. I’ve doubled my money! The key there is that I made more than I put in. However I can’t be sure that my investment will pay back. Walter’s investment is sure fire.

So not only is Walter not paying taxes, but he is betting on a horse that can’t lose at our expense. It would be more honest and logical if the government just took however much Walter pays in taxes out of his salary in the first place. Then he wouldn’t have to fill out paperwork to keep up the theatrical performance and we wouldn’t be witnessing a lie, which most perceive as truth. A dishonest illogical government? No that could never happen.

So if you ever get in a discussion with someone who says that “they pay taxes too” simply inform them that putting money into a system, knowing you will get it back (plus some) is not really taxation. It’s just twisted government business as usual.

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