AngryHateMusic | Life is best lived with one hand on your heart, and one foot in the grave.

You have to figure out what the final goal of what youre doing is going to be. And that’s not how we live our lives, it’s not even close to how we live our lives. We live our lives one day at a time without a sense of larger goals or larger pictures or larger purposes or anything like that. We live our lives forwards, we understand our live backwards.

What is it we are aming to have said about us? What is the bridge we are trying to build in the short time that we have? What impression do we want to leave in peoples minds? What impression, what crater do we want to leave upon the world? That to me is so essential to the living of a life that we can truly be proud of. A truly enriching life for the planet.

Where love was possible, he gave it. Where love was earned, he gave more. And where love was spurned he did not cast his pearls before a swine. If someones doesn’t have the capacity for anger, their compassion, their quote “gentleness” means nothing to me.

And for me, aiming for my eulogy is a way of overcomeing the endless tempations towards pettiness and smallness that surround me. Becuase the present always tempts us with pettiness, with smallness, with distraction right, with mere reactions, with defensiveness, with cowardice, with all the things that I sturggle with, that you struggle with we all struggle with.

But tell me, tell me, tell yourself. What do you want said around your coffin? How do you want people to feel about your passing from this world? What residue, what after-image do you want to leave in peoples minds? What do you want people to remember about you? What are they going to cry about when you slip into nothing?

There is no time in the future for courage. There is only time for courage now!

You’re not going to live forever. With the years ahead of you, why not start now to concentrate on making your life as meaningful, free, exciting, and joyous as possible?