| This is the first call I’ve made to resolve a local extortion problem.  My friend Marciano is being threatened with an attack for not paying the local tribute.  This tends to really upset tyrants because they crave obedience.  Instead of just paying like a good obedient serf, Marciano decided to challenge the allegations being made against him.  Don’t forget, without the political PR, taxation is the forcible taking of property; government means never asking for permission.

Marciano had written several letters to the tax agency asking two basic questions: 1. Are there any witnesses with personal knowledge he is a taxpayer and 2. Is there any admissible evidence he’s a taxpayer.  Instead of answering the questions with a yes or no, he was sent documents showing he owned his property.  Not getting responsive answers, we decided we should call to resolve this matter.

We spoke to a Yolanda at the tax office and she stated the tax office does not make legal determinations people are taxpayers with tax obligations, the county appraisal office made those determinations.  This seemed odd, but we decided to call the appraisal office to confirm.  As I’ve said before, when you have a tax issue to resolve, you need to speak to two people, the one who made the allegations/accusations and the agent who can stop the attack.

We left a message for an appraiser to call and I got a call back from the chief appraiser, Mr. Rolando Garza on Friday March 4, 2011 at 9:11am.  The entire call is here, the only edits are Marciano’s last name and address.  Mr. Garza confirmed he was the one who made the legal determinations Marciano is a taxpayer with a tax obligation:

Marc: OK, but who’s making the determination he’s a taxpayer and has a tax obligation?  That’s who we’re interested in speaking with.  Somebody said, we got a delinquency notice from the tax department and they’re saying they’re not responsible for the legal determination that my client is a taxpayer, that that was done by someone here, so we’re trying to find out who at the appraisal district, and I know, I had spoken to somebody, an Orlando –