| Because there are few – if any – checks and balances on cops. Much less in the way of legal constraints – or consequences. Even in cases of egregious, indefensible conduct. Hence, they are in a very real sense encouraged to engage in egregious, indefensible conduct.

Those wearing state-issued uniforms enjoy something called qualified immunity – an obnoxious doctrine that sets them apart as a special class under the law. A protected class.

Which inevitably becomes an entitled class. Armed to the teeth – and turned loose on us.

Is it surprising that excesses occur?

Cops have every incentive to behave badly. Are rewarded for being irresponsible.

And so they do – and are.

Expecting this not to happen is kind of like not expecting stray cats to show up in ever greater numbers if you keep on putting bowls of cat food out on the porch every night. Read Entire Article

By Eric Peters