FFF.org | As socialist programs, both Social Security and Medicaid are based on the principle of using the force of the state to confiscate the income of the younger people in order to send the money to you, the older people. In other words, these two programs are nothing more than welfare-state transfer programs in which money is forcibly taken from one group and given to another group.

Some of you feel that you are entitled to Social Security because during your younger years you “put money into the system” and therefore are entitled to get it back. Yet, deep down you know that that is not the reality of the situation. No one has ever put anything into the system. From the very beginning, Social Security taxes were simply imposed on people and the money was then sent to older Americans.

Today, as you no doubt know younger people are struggling to make ends meet. Many of them are even losing their homes in the housing crisis. Contributing to their financial difficulties are the high taxes that they are forced to pay so that you can receive your Social Security check and your free health care.

Moreover, soon things are going to get even worse for those in the younger group. Not only will they owe ever-increasing amounts of money as their share of the national debt, owing to out-of-control federal spending, they also have staring at them the payment of trillions of dollars in additional Social Security and Medicare taxes as more older people begin retiring.

The politicians don’t dare mention the word “repeal” for fear of antagonizing you, the older people. That’s why they always speak in terms of “reform.” Yet, reforming an inherently defective and immoral system will only lead to calls for more reform down the line, as things continue to get worse and worse and worse.

However, if you, the older people of America, were to lead the way by demanding repeal, not reform, of socialism in America, political support for these programs would crumble because the politicians could no longer use you as the excuse for continuing the socialist programs.

Why should you lead the way in calling for the repeal of Social Security and Medicare?

Simply because it would be the morally right thing to do. It’s morally wrong for a person to forcibly take money that belongs to someone else. The fact that previous generations did bad things to you cannot serve as a moral justification for you to do the same to the younger generations. Read Entire Article

By Jacob G. Hornberger

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