Complete Liberty Podcast | Bureaucrats in government, as members of the parasitical class, always try to get “their cut” from businesses. Those in government shouldn’t be welcomed onto private property. (Download Right Click and select “Save File As” or “Save Target As” to download this file.)

Question for terrocrats (terrorist bureaucrats): Other than the threat of physical violence, what is the reason for our relationship?

Another question for terrocrats: Other than your flag and pretended legitimacy, how are you any different than the mafia?

Government and statist media promote various ‘scares of the day’ to control people.

Why do those in government maintain a coercive monopoly on their “services”?

In a free market, people would see that governmental “services” suck, so they’d either have to change or dissolve.

Because they’ve monopolized various services, those in government accuse those who don’t want to be extorted as being “free riders”. Read More