| When my teacher told my parents that I had a hard time sitting still and paying attention in class, I tried to tell them that I was just BORED. School wasn’t challenging enough for me. My mom took me to a doctor and he told her that I had ADHD and that I had to take medicine for it.

My dad didn’t like the idea of giving me medicine so he took me out of that school and decided to homeschool me. I LOVED IT! I didn’t have ANY problems with paying attention because he knows how to make learning fun for me.

But my mom didn’t like that idea so she kept giving me the drugs. The drugs made me sit still in school but they also did a lot of bad things. I was sick a lot. The drugs made me dizzy and gave me headaches and stomachaches. They also made it so I couldn’t sleep so my mom and the doctor decided to give me sleeping pills every night. I didn’t like the way I felt on the drugs and my dad didn’t like it either.

When the judge told my dad that he had to give me all these drugs, my dad said NO! The judge kept telling him that if he didn’t drug me, he would lose custody of me. After two years of my dad refusing to drug me, the judge said that I couldn’t see him anymore.

After that, my dad did the only thing that he could do to protect me from these drugs. He quit his job and sold everything that he owned and took me across the country to keep me safe. In the 3 ½ months that we were gone I did SO good! I was homeschooled again and had a lot of fun learning. I felt great being off the drugs and I gained A LOT of height and weight. The drugs kept me from growing for 2 years.

But then we got caught. They took my dad to jail and I had to go back to the same school that I hated, and now I’m on the drugs again. These drugs are killing me and it’s sad that my mom and the school and the judge can’t see it.

My dad is doing everything he can to get me back and to get me off of the drugs. He’s hired a very expensive attorney and he’s not going to stop fighting this until I am off the drugs and back with him.

Please consider helping us out by donating to his defense fund.

My dad needs to show everyone how bad it is to give children these drugs and he wants everyone to know that it’s okay to say NO to any judge that tries to order them to do it. He can only do this with YOUR help!

PLEASE give whatever you can so that I can be drug-free again and back with my dad!


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Here’s the kid you refused to talk to.

Here’s the kid you were trying to force me to drug.

Here’s the kid you took away from me when I refused to follow your nonsense order.


It’s terrible – just look at how distracted this kid is – he can’t pay attention – he can’t sit still – he’s rambunctious – his mind wanders – he’s so endangered! HE NEEDS DRUGS!

Gimme a friggin break!

Shelly Griffin – Judith Abramsohn – Judge Dean Fink – SHAME ON YOU!

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