JonRappoport | “There is the study of the past; then there is the obsession with the past; and finally, the blithe acceptance of the past as that thing which molds the individual and makes him what he is. The third preoccupation is by far the most injurious. The sting of its injection is never felt. The fluid enters the bloodstream and paralyzes the mind one gradual degree at a time. The result is an addict who considers himself highly sensible and realistic and comfortable.”

“As long as the concept of The Individual lasts in society, before it disappears under a bulbous landfill of psychological spin and academic garbage, the official approach is placing him, the individual, in a context, a tradition, a historical time line, in order to make sure he believes he is reacting to the forces around him and the history prior to him. In this way, the individual is never seen to invent anything; he is at best responding to ‘the problems of his time.”

“Even when the idea of magic is somehow connected to individual freedom and power, we are referred to older studies and systems of magic, as if the past is the only place we can visit to understand what the individual is capable of. This is absolute nonsense.”

“Rejecting ‘the individual as an artifact of history and tradition’ is like stepping off a speeding train and floating upward, where one can view, below, a giant machine spooling out the insanity known as social sciences. The machine concocts reports of tribes, clans, nations, religions, customs, rules, dogmas, which supposedly describe thousands of years of human experience. Floating free, one can see these trillions of data are tinged with the attitude that the individual has never been vitally important. The machine is making that argument.” Read Entire Article

By Jon Rappoport