| I know I say sexist things. I honestly believe there are obvious differences between the sexes. Neither is “better”, but they are different. And both have their own problems.

I may sometimes say “racist” things.

I don’t know if there are real differences between the “races”- or if “race” is even an actual thing. I suspect what most people call “racial” differences are actually differences in culture.

There are definitely cultural differences, and some cultures are simply better than others. You can tell by how they look upon aggression and theft. Statism is a degenerate culture which cuts across all other cultural lines.

I don’t concern myself with anything about you other than how you treat others. Do you live by the Zero Aggression Principle? Do you respect the property of others? That’s enough- the minimum- to be a decent person. You can stop there and I’ll have no problems with you- nor you with me. You might go above and beyond, and if so, I sing your praises.

Your sex, gender, “race”, skin color, preferences, sexuality, hobbies, kinks, loyalties, job, or anything else are secondary to that one important thing: do you violate others? None of those things are any of my business unless you make them my business. None of those things can justify violating others. There is simply no excuse.

If your culture “makes” you violate others, I have a problem with your “culture”, and I would like to see it changed or eliminated. If you use your “culture” as justification for violating others I would like to see you change or be eliminated. Through acts of self defense- at the scene of the attack. I really have no pity.

By Kent McManigal