Sam Dodson

UPDATE! 2009/07/26 Sam’s trial has been scheduled for July 31, 2009. Looks as if Mr. Burke will be presiding over and testifying against Sam. Mr. Burke states there is no conflict of interest here, LOL!

2009/06/15 Sam’s trial has been postponed.

2009/06/09 Sam set free! A trial has been scheduled for Sam on 6/15 at 1:30pm in Keene District Court. (2nd Floor, 3 Washington St., Keene, NH 03431).

Sam Miller, who also goes by Sam Dodson and SamIAm, is being jailed until he discloses his legal name to authorities ordered by Cheshire County District Court Judge Edward Burke (Burke shows his power and short fuse temper on an earlier victim). Audio of Sam’s arrest. They have possession of Sam’s Texas Drivers License and thumbprint, yet they are keeping him prisoner until they hear it from his own lips. Listen to an interview with Sam.
Here is an interesting thought from Sams Jail Blog:

I ask you, who is the authority on my name? I’ve come to see “legal names” as a modern day slave name. Disagree? Okay, come up with your own name and see what you can do with it out in the world. Surely in a “free” society one would be free to travel (by land, sea, or air), obtain medical care, rent property, invest money, connect to private communication networks, obtain an education, own property, procure a means of self defense, and especially exchange one’s labor for something of value. Yet try this without the government registered “legal name,” and you will quickly realize how enslaved we have become, to the ever expanding state. It saddens my heart to see the masses stand up in ignorance and proclaim their freedom when such a simple exercise clearly demonstrates otherwise.

Sam was arrested April 13, 2009 for filming in the lobby of the public courthouse but not charged. Filming in the courthouse is perfectly legal according to New Hampshire law. They will not see Sam for arraignment, preliminary hearings, or trial until he gives them his name and address. No care to the Constitution which states; “The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it..” Sam is no threat to anyone. He has been denied writs of Habeas Corpus filed on his behalf. Do we neglect to observe that a citizen of the United States is entitled to the privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus? From it, all Rights depend.

05/27/2009 – Sam appears on FOX News’ Freedom Watch with judge Andrew Napolitano.

Sam is a native Texan who embarked on a journey to discover himself and in the process, came across the message of liberty. Sam lived the American dream everyone said he should have, complete with: a high paying corporate job, a new car, a big house, 401k, frequent vacations around the world, and still something wasn’t right. Life had lost it’s luster, despite following everyone’s advice. A series of personal effectiveness trainings combined with the right people, events, and influences, began transforming his life from unhappy corporate lackey to activist, filmmaker, and entrepreneur.