| Thinking more about those who let fear control them makes me wonder- Why am I not ruled by fear? Why do I not ask the state to protect me from things?

I have never thought of myself as “brave”. I don’t like heights, or big aggressive dogs. There have been individuals who made me prickle with fear when they were near, and, obviously, I am afraid of power-crazed, testosterone junkie, tax addicts in state costumes who have proved time after time they think nothing of executing those who don’t “comply” fast enough to suit them.

But why don’t I let my life be controlled by those fears, and why don’t I try to get “laws” to protect me from those things?

I have no answer for that.

I am not afraid of “terrorism”. I am not afraid of foreign invaders, or strangers, or “immigrants”. I am not afraid of “lack of order”, or even the grid going down. So, government can’t manipulate me into begging to be protected from those things.

I guess I am just not a good “citizen”.

And I’m fine with that.

By Kent McManigal