| One of the great advantages of homeschooling is that you and your children control your personal schedules to a much greater degree than is possible if your children attend school. For instance, when our girls were teenagers we often noted how it was easier and better for the family if we let them stay asleep rather than make them follow the early morning routines of high school. If it came up in conversation, we often found that we were told by well-meaning folks (and some not so well-meaning folks!) that we were caving in to our children and being too soft by letting them sleep while other kids rode buses or were already taking classes; that we were harming them by not making them work on the school schedule because they will not be trained to stick with regular 9 to 5 work; that we were not acting like adults by empathizing with our daughters’ sleep patterns.

Fortunately, such encounters didn’t dissuade us from paying attention to our teenagers’ overall wellness, because we could see, feel, and hear how much more alert and emotionally balanced they were throughout the day when they slept in. Their biological clocks, at that time of their lives, made them more nocturnal and we worked with that. Read Entire Article