| Despite all the lovey-dovey rhetoric about the supposed greatness of “democracy,” there’s only one thing its proponents want it for: to get moral permission to force their preferences, opinions and ideas on other people. People vote, hoping “their guy” will win. Why? So their own interests and agenda, and NOT the interests and agenda of the people who voted for “the other guy,” will be served by the machine of “government.” And everything “government” does, it does by threat of force. (It doesn’t just ask nicely; it commands, and inflicts harm on any who don’t obey.)

I realize that’s not the flowery explanation that democracy-worshipers prefer, but it happens to be the truth. The left-wing statists want to win elections so the right-wing statists (and everyone else) will be forced to fund welfare programs, wealth redistribution, more government control (a.k.a. “regulation”) of commerce, etc. Meanwhile, right-wing statists want to win so the left-wing statists (and everyone else) will be forced to fund a huge military, a bigger police force, more border patrols, a “war on drugs,” etc.

In short, democracy is gang warfare for cowards. The voters, being too chicken-poop to do it themselves, desperately try to get “government” to rob and control all of their neighbors (while accepting NO responsibility for having advocated that). If your gang of voters outnumbers the other gang, you can get the mercenaries of the state to boss them around. Yippee! Ain’t democracy great?

Well, to all you voters, the joke’s on you. While you’ve been whining for other people to be taxed and regulated (robbed and controlled), the tyrants have always been one step ahead of you, using your own envy, cowardice, and irresponsibility against you. In case you haven’t noticed, win or lose, BOTH gangs of voters always get robbed and controlled.

Did you really think the politicians and their mercenaries would be on YOUR side, if you were in the majority? (If so, you pretty much deserve the mess you’re in right now.) The tyrants have several nifty tricks for getting the shackles on ALL of the peasants, regardless of how anyone votes. One of those tricks relies on this dirty little secret:


Sound strange? Well, it all depends upon how people are categorized. Maybe you’re in the majority when it comes to race. Maybe you’re in the majority when it comes to religion. But there will always be SOME criteria that the tyrants can use to divide the people which will have YOU landing on the minority side. And then it’s YOU the majority will be stomping on, via the thugs in “government.” Then your boneheaded faith in democracy (mob rule) will bite you right in the rear end.

Are you in the top 49% of income earners? If so, you’re a minority, and the tyrants know they can rely on the bottom 51% to cheer for you to be robbed blind. Are you younger than 30? I’m sure everyone above 40 would love to raise your taxes, to pay for goodies for them. Or maybe you’re above 40, in which case you’re STILL in the minority, and the YOUNGER people might vote to tax the heck out of whatever wealth you’ve accumulated so far. It all depends where the politicians decide to draw the dividing line. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Is marijuana your drug of choice? If so, the beer-drinking majority will be happy to advocate that draconian government violence be used against you if you’re caught with an “unapproved” plant. Are you male? Well, you’re a minority. And if the women ever figure out that they can VOTE away your suffrage “rights,” you’re poop out of luck. Do you own a gun? If so, you’re a minority, and one of these days the politicians might just scare the majority into voting for you to be disarmed.

Depending upon how you slice up the “pie” of human society, there is SOME way in which YOU are in the minority. Ergo, there is some way that “democracy” can be used to oppress YOU, no matter how “normal” or “average” you think you might be. There is always some way to divide up society so you are on the losing end, in terms of numbers. And the tyrants are constantly looking for such divisions, to keep one group of people advocating the oppression of another.

Maybe most people in a particular town own dryers, so they vote to outlaw the use of clotheslines (which they think look too “low class”). Or maybe people over 21 vote to prohibit younger people from drinking or smoking. Or maybe a conservative majority votes to ban music or videos the majority finds offensive. Or maybe the people decide to ban the “environmentally unfriendly” gas-guzzlers driven by a quarter of the population. Maybe most of your neighbors, at the coaxing of the politicians, will decide they don’t like your barbeque grill, or your dog, or the canoe you keep in your back yard, or your political yard sign, or your bumper-sticker. Maybe they don’t like what you’re teaching your kids. One way or another, the tyrants will find a way to control you, and, by using clever divide-and-conquer tactics, they will be able to do it in the name of “the people.”

Then, of course, there is the supposed right that politicians have to steal (“taxation”). Whatever a majority wants, it will vote to force everyone–including the people who DON’T want it–to pay for it. Pacifists are forced to pay for war. Pot smokers are forced to pay for the “war on drugs.” People who think government “welfare” rewards laziness are forced to pay for it anyway. Young people are forced to pay for old people to get “benefits” from the state. People who homeschool are forced to pay for schools they don’t like and don’t use.

The tyrants are well aware that if they chop up the “pie” of society in enough ways, EVERY piece of it is a minority, in one way or another. And whatever criteria is needed to put YOU into a category which includes 49% or less of the people, you can bet that, sooner or later, the tyrants will be urging the people on the OTHER side of that line to demand “laws” to control and rob YOU. Need proof? Consider this:

Is there anyone who approves of everything “government” does with his money? No. (Never mind that no one even KNOWS what all “government” does with his money.) Therefore, EVERYONE is being forced, via the “democracy” scam, to fund things he doesn’t want to fund. The myth of “majority rule” (which is a lousy ideal anyway) is constantly used to force 100% of the population to fund things they oppose!

The bottom line is, through the cult of “democracy,” tyrants can oppress and enslave EVERYONE, while in every case claiming it was the “will of the people,” condoned by a majority. So the control freaks stomp on you, all your friends, all your neighbors, and everyone in your family, while at the same time tricking YOU into thinking it was YOUR idea, and pretending that “the people” CONSENTED to all of it. Ain’t “democracy” wonderful?

There is only one way to avoid this. Dismiss the evil that calls itself “democracy.” Stop partaking in the self-enslaving and neighbor-enslaving ritual of voting. Stop trying to get the Uber Nanny that is “government” to try to make other people into what you wish they were. Mind your own damn business. Spend your own damn money. Start THINKING, for a change, until you grasp the bleeding obvious principle of “self-ownership,” where every individual belongs to HIMSELF, and no one else.

If the people did that, the best the tyrants could hope for is that a few dolts might, on an individual basis, advocate their OWN enslavement. And the rest of us–of all races, religions, ages, income levels, etc.–could start living like free human beings.

By Larken Rose