| I’ve mentioned this on the radio before, and I’ve finally gotten it posted.  This is a very educational audio; it’s a tax hearing from a few months ago with the Maryland Comptroller’s office and you’ll hear exactly why most tax agents/attorneys fight all attempts to question the agents who make assessments: the agents don’t know what they’re talking about. There’s no evidence anyone owes taxes and this is another example from the agents themselves.  We have another recent example from the US tax court where all discovery was denied, including disclosure of the name of the IRS agent who did the assessments.  This is tantamount to not disclosing the name of a cop who wrote you a ticket.

No tax agent wants to be questioned on the facts supporting his legal opinions you’re a taxpayer with taxable income with an obligation to file a tax return because there are no facts, no factsjust opinions.  This is not about legal interpretations, it’s about  facts.

Just the other day an IRS agent conducting a criminal investigation wouldn’t tell me which agent determined my client was a taxpayer with taxable income.  He even claimed no determination had been made.  Yes, I had to keep from laughing.  I asked, “You recommended prosecution for tax evasion and there’s been no determination my client’s a taxpayer with taxable income?”  He refused to answer the question.  There’s a shock.  They always work to insulate the agent making the determinations because it only takes a few questions to prove they have no facts to support their opinions.

Remember my analogy: a tax assessment is like a traffic ticket, the IRS/tax agent is the cop making the legal determinations.  If the cop doesn’t show up to court to testify and submit to cross-examination, then his ticket must be kicked out.  The judge and tax apologists on the interwebs can rant and rave all they want, it doesn’t prove anything, the ticket still has to be kicked out.

In the audio, you’ll hear the agent admit she’s not qualified to make legal determinations my client is a taxpayer with taxable income.  Despite her admission, under oath, the hearing officer refuses to strike her testimony and abate her assessments.  Her job is to make tax assessments and she admits she’s not qualified to do that.

This is significant because at the beginning, I ask the hearing officer, an attorney, about the grounds for vacating assessments; he agrees that if the agent cannot verify the assessments, that’s grounds to vacate the assessments.  We also object to the hearing officer as he admittedly represents the opposing party, though he insists he can still be fair.  To date, there’s been no decision made, and it’s well past the ninety-day time limit.

You’ll notice I don’t quote laws during this hearing; all I do is challenge and ask questions.  It’s far more effective to not take a position and just challenge the opinions being made against you.  If the opinion is coming from a tax agent, it’s bogus and can’t withstand investigation.  Here, the agent who made the opinions my client is a taxpayer with taxable income admits she is not qualified to make such opinions.

Please keep in mind this isn’t an isolated incident, I have tax agents admit all the time they’re not qualified to make legal determinations people are taxpayers with taxable income.  I played this clip on the show a couple of weeks ago with a tax agent in Canada.  She admits she’s not qualified to determine if there’s evidence Canadian laws apply to my client.  Think about that for a moment.

If it’s so obvious the law is applicable, then why admit they are unqualified?  Why not just present the facts?

There are no facts proving the constitution and laws apply to anyone.  All governments have are myths backed by violence.  No one owes taxes or any other obligation to governments and if anyone thinks they can present facts proving the constitution and laws apply to anyone, they are welcome to call my radio show, the No State Project, anytime for an opportunity to do it publicly.  We’re live every Saturday from 4-7pm est and the call in number is (218) 632-9399 and we do not screen calls.  We can even set up a time and record the segments if Saturdays are not convenient.

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