| The biggest problem with socialism- aside from its exploitable inefficiency- is that a third party decides what happens to someone’s money. The simple fact of having money is apparently enough to be worthy of derision in America, a derision which drives most arguments involving income inequality. People who talk about rich people changing their behavior to better treat those who are less fortunate tend to miss the point: no one, however rich or poor, is obligated to do anything for anyone.

Forcing someone to be helpful (ie, contribute towards taxable revenues) with the threat of arrest or imprisonment behind it is no different than a thief holding a gun in front of a clerk. The thief demands money. The clerk, under the threat of punishment, has no choice but to comply or resist. It doesn’t matter if the thief has a pair of twin babies at home who need a doctor’s care. Stealing is wrong, no matter who does it and no matter how it happens. A positive outcome generated by stolen money does not make money any less stolen.

It is something of a wonder, then, why people who wish to see the state of the poor improved do not first address the blatant criminality that results from the existence of government. In fact, the government is worse than a thief robbing a store: the government cannot be caught. In return for stealing the money of productive individuals, it asks those individuals to thank them for its services. No greater arrogance can be imagined than for a criminal to suppose that without the action of his theft, society as we know it would cease to exist. Read Entire Article

By Winter Trabex