LewRockwell.com | Many ascribe to government the unique and exalted right to overrule and therefore to undermine the independent authority of all individuals and of all secondary institutions; of creating and enforcing new law; even of decreeing life and death at the whim of the current leader.

In summary, they teach a divine approval for actions of violence or actions backed by the threat of violence, which would otherwise be unthinkable for ordinary, moral human beings subject to the laws of God. In effect, government is given a “007” moral license to kill; a “24/7” license to steal; and a “666” licence to number, monitor, register and regulate every aspect of life.

Surely, such an enormous and momentous creation – one that would have a prevailing effect in so many areas of daily life – must have some point of inauguration? Particularly among those claiming to believe the Bible, it can hardly be satisfactory to just assume this belief in a “divine right of governments” because they exist as a fact of life in a fallen world…

A simple search should quickly uncover that great day celebrating Heaven’s launch of a new and enormous ship, “The State” into the ocean of mankind. Books of theology and inspiration should be written about the event, analysing each aspect of a wonderful new and all powerful creation of God.

But where is that moment to be found?

And why are there innumerable books and theories based upon the assumption of that event having occurred, but none about the actual event?

In fact, despite the theological gymnastics that many with letters after their name are well capable of; and despite the fact that they all insist that Romans 13, particularly the first verse, refers to a moment when government was created or “ordained” by God – there seems to have been little or no desire to ask when or where any such event took place.

So then, we will work our own way forward – by asking that big question at key checkpoints in the Biblical history of mankind…

Did God create government? And if so, then exactly where and when was the state as an institution “ordained” by God? Read Entire Article

By Paul Green