AnarchyInABottle | So a few months ago my grandmother passed away. She’s finally out of the reach of the government right? Not quite. She’s still paying taxes! Yes, read that again. A dead woman…is paying taxes for this past year. Seems a little absurd don’t you think?

Let’s look at it this way. Say that there is a woman who lives down the street. We’ll call her Lola. Lola is 67 years old. One day Lola has a stroke and passes away. She received money from social security and medicare that year. The government wants this money back! It’s their money right?

How do I do my taxes in there?

Actually…no. It was never their money to begin with. They had to steal it from Lola to fund these programs in the first place. If Lola (and everyone else) had been allowed to keep this money she could have funded her own retirement and medical bills. Lola should get to keep her money and pass it on to her children(they’ll have to pay it back later anyway). But the government doesn’t like that. It’s not immediately profitable after all.

What are they going to do to the late Lola if she doesn’t pay taxes? Are they gonna dig her up and throw her in jail? No, of course not. They are going to take it out of her estate. Do you know what we call this boys and girls? If you stole money from a dead person it would be called robbery. You could go to prison for a very long time.

Dead or alive the government will steal from you. Dead or alive you are their property. Dead or alive you serve them. Isn’t that a cheery thought? All I know is that when Ben Franklin said “In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes” I didn’t know he meant in that order.

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