The visitor was not only rude and arrogant, but he acted as if he knew how to run our lives and use our property better than we did.

Now for a real life example:

Government Aggresses Against A Campfire
I bought some property a week ago and was working on it with friends, clearing brush to build a house. We were burning branches in a 3’x5′ fire pit – dug into sand, surrounded by rocks – with flames no more than a few inches high, and some guy parked his truck facing the wrong way on Route 4 and angrily told me to put it out, that it was illegal because we had no permit. I politely refused, stating that I was harming no one and that it was my property, and he left to call the state police (notice how he turned to violence and control, rather than the fire department for safety). The local police showed up and went through the same thing: “put out the fire if you don’t have a permit.” I politely refused again, and the cop called the fire department. The first fire volunteer, Jay, came in his personal truck and said nothing but “You’re not going to make me get the truck to put this out, are you?” We said that we weren’t putting out the fire. He left and returned with a large fire truck a few minutes later along with all the volunteer firefighters (all of whom stood around and did nothing except the fire chief and Jay) and they extended a 100′ hose and sprayed water and foam into my fire pit (while mishandling their equipment). Then the cop said he’d come back with a citation for burning without a permit and one of the fire volunteers said they’d be sending me a bill. I told them I’d refuse to pay their bills or their fines because I didn’t ask for or want their “services.”