| Here are a few things (out of a vast number) that follow, from that premise that “A is A”:

Myth Reality
Self-sacrifice is the highest virtue Practiced consistently, self-sacrifice is the highest folly; it would denude the world of “good” people, leaving only the “bad” and helpless
Selfishness is mean Self-sufficiency is virtuous
God exists “God” has never even been defined
Government is necessary to limit evil Government is the primary source of evil
Laws are rules needed for a peaceful society Laws are the opinions of the governing elite
Criminals do evil Criminals violate government laws
Non-defensive killing is wrong, except in war Non-defensive killing is wrong
Guns kill people People kill people
Preparation for war preserves the peace Preparation for war produces war
Government is about public service Government is about governing
Government schools provide free education Government schools educate only rarely, and are always horribly expensive
Everyone has a right to free health care There is no such thing as free health care
Taxation is the price we pay for civilization Taxation, being theft, is barbarous
Police serve and protect the public Police serve and protect the government
Courts ensure that justice is done Courts help enforce the government’s will
Justice is about punishing wrongdoing Justice is about repairing damaged rights
A uniform and a badge confer special powers A uniform and a badge consist of a costume and a piece of embossed metal or plastic
The people delegate special powers to government People can delegate to anyone only such powers they possess in the first place
Roads can be built only by government Roads can be built only by road builders
Limits can be set on governments Anyone who is limited does not govern

By Jim Davies

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