GonzoTimes.com | Fear leads to violence. The cycle of violence is being perpetuated by fear. The state itself exists because of fear. Fear of the other and our desire to have institutionalized violence leads to our mass militarism and police state. Fear of poverty, fear of our neighbors, fear of someones uncut lawn. Violence is the underlying answer which our state is built upon. It is the pivotal hinge for which the state and capitalism hangs upon.

Countless centuries men have asserted their status and place in society through violence. Some have been labeled heroes and others villains in their use of violence. The same action of causing harm and taking lives is labeled good or evil based on the outcome and how they impact us. When children in Afghanistan are murdered by our military we praise and reward them. When it is our children in the U.S. Being murdered we call the perpetrator a terrorist. Both perpetrators have the same addiction to violence.

Our society has an addiction to violence. Our media is saturated by images of masculine men shooting up people. It is often police or heroic acts of glorified violence depicted. We praise those. We look at villainous acts of violence by ‘gangsters’ and depict them as cool or manly. We are groomed by our media to praise violence, it is glorified and our children are being raised to want to participate in this violence and be seen as manly or tough because they are violent or some force you do not want to ‘mess with’.

There is no Good and Evil

Good and evil are labels we place on an action that are dependent on the outcome and how they impact us. It is a judgment not a reason for an action. People do not kill because they are ‘evil’ but people are labeled evil because of the outcome of the killing. As stated earlier the same act of murder is both heroic and villainous depending upon the impact it has on us. My Spouse often says “there is no good or evil only varying degrees of consciousness.” As people evolve to a higher functioning level of intellect and consciousness in the area of violence it is rejected. Evolution of society to a higher level of functioning eliminates violence. Many of my comrades have been frustrated in the past with my absolute rejection of the use of violence. There is always a better and more effective option to violence. Until we really start to challenge violence absolutely we will stay exactly where we are.

The closest thing I can see as an exception to opposition to violence is not even an exception. It is the fact that I will not condemn the use of violence by the violently oppressed to overthrow their oppressor. This is not to say that there was not a better solution, it is to say that I will not condemn them. Read More