| The Constitution simply guaranteed the “peculiar institution” in the US and the addition of the Fugitive Slave Act in 1850 weaponized the Federal government’s ability to maintain the institution of chattel slavery. The post-war amendments abandoning slavery were nice window-dressing but simply drove the overt impulse to chattel ownership underground into a more under-handed and devious form of slavery to make the proceeds from servitude more palatable to the masses and the twentieth century would provide the progressives and collectivists with the tools they would need to make slavery more profitable for the rulers than they ever imagined.

There are a number of markers of true freedom but the most telling is the ability to opt-out of the chained condition once harnessed. So what is slavery by definition?

The Oxford English Dictionary (American) put it thus: A person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them. If you doubt in modern America, you are not a slave, be advised you are delusional.

The US government owns you in so many ways, you haven’t a shred of self-determination short of suicide. Many in the commentariat to include myself have detailed ad nauseum the tremendous tax burden in the US for producers, the leasing of employees by the Federal government to employers at a terrific burden to the efficacy and virtue of any above-ground American business and the raft of regulations and rules that make every American a felon in their day to day life. If you run a business and have not been paralyzed from the neck up in a skiing accident and become a collectivist, the truth is crystal clear. If you are simply a salaryman, one look at your tax liabilities once “paid” should further clarify your status as a slave.

After years of government schooling, I am still investing thousands of hours to deprogram myself from the nonsense and dig myself out of the epistemological hole that the entire wretched system is designed to bury us. Civics is nothing more than a clever moniker for government obedience training. A system that celebrates slavery as freedom and peace as war in a war that would embarrass both Huxley and Orwell.

America is not the celebrated home of the brave and land of the free because it lost all its apparent freedom in 1791 on adoption of the Constitution. The Lincolnian War against the South was a mere mopping-up operation to put every human in America on the plantation permanently. If you doubt that, then stop paying your taxes and start disobeying the legions of cops surrounding you on a daily basis when they insist you comply with an idiot rule or law these lackeys are in charge of enforcing.

One can list all the Amendments they wish after the unfortunate conclusions of the Second American Revolution and you still remain distinctly un-free in a nation that plays at shadow-boxing with political meat-puppets who claim to hail from different political viewpoints but are united in the fervor to ensure the survival and expansion of the Sovietized central planning organs emanating from Mordor on the Potomac. The kabuki dance between the major permitted parties in the very lucrative “advance auction in stolen goods” known as voting is comical at best and incredibly cynical at worst. Read Entire Article

By Bill