| Every human being is a unique individual. We each have different thoughts, different inspirations, different hair, eye and skin color. These differences should all be embraced as it shows that everyone is bringing a unique and enlightening perspective to the table for humanity. Sadly, those who seek to control us use these differences to put us against each other, and take the heat off of themselves. Throughout the history of imperialism our “leaders” have conditioned us to be frightened and hostile towards those who are not under their rule. That is because our rulers either wish to enslave these other people, or take their land and resources, or both.

In order to carry out war and conquest it was necessary for rulers to infect their subjects with blind nationalistic ideologies. People were trained from birth to think of their nationality as being superior to all others. Citizens were taught that people who lie outside the domain of their ruler were sub human, their lives were said to be less valuable than those that were inside of the kingdom. Imposing this kind of twisted world view made it possible for kings and emperors to use their citizens as mercenaries and gate keepers. This is how racism was invented, as a mental justification for conquest and the brutality of the ruling class. By using fear tactics and generalizations, those in power have managed to turn everyone in the world against one another so they can play war games amongst themselves, using us as the pieces. Read Entire Article

By John G. Vibes