SzandorBlestman | I’ve never had a job where I’ve earned that much money. I’ve always been on the edge, working full time, paycheck to paycheck, and hardly able to survive. In fact, most of my life I haven’t been able to make ends meet with one job. I’ve always had to take on side work. Whether it was from taking on too much debt or having too many kids doesn’t really matter. The times I’ve been able to get ahead while working only a full time job have been few and far between. I suppose that’s probably true for most people. Yet, I’ve been more fortunate than many in that when I couldn’t find anything else my mother always had work for me to do. From accounting to computer programming to gardening, she would always find extra work for me when I needed it. She was also quite good at getting tax money back for me using the government’s own rules.

So it was years ago when I had a particularly poor paying job and no side work was available for me that I started complaining to her about my lack of funds to pay for the necessities of life. It was during the course of such a conversation when she asked something to the effect of, “Tell me, how would you be doing if you didn’t have to pay taxes?” That question made me think. I remember doing some quick math in my head and figuring out that I would have had all the money I needed for expenses and been able to put money away if I wasn’t paying taxes. I wouldn’t have been doing too badly. I told her as much. Read Entire Article

By Szandor Blestman