GonzoTimes.com | Governments always seem to exist or form not because of the ‘criminal’ or the deviant but because of the authoritarian and the megalomaniac for over 99% of crime is not true crime but simply failing to following the will of the tyrants. True crime is the initiation of force on another. In those 99% of the ‘crimes’ this is the state who commits the criminal action in its initiation of force. ‘Illegal’ is breaking the invented laws of the state, these ‘laws’ are nothing more than demands backed by threats. Society can make non-criminal solutions to handle the 1% of crime, it is far less difficult to manage than to control the actions of every civil person through the violent criminal actions of the state. In this we see that the majority of crime is committed by the individual state employees by simply ‘doing their job’. The true problem is not who we are told is the ‘criminal’ but the true criminal which is the state.

Voltairine de Cleyre stated in her article Why I am an Anarchist:

It was said of the Anarchists that they were peace-disturbers, wild, violent ignoramuses, who were jealous of the successful in life and fit only for prison or an asylum. They did not understand, for their sluggish temperaments did not assist them to perceive, that the peace was disturbed by certain elements, which men of greater mental activity had sought to seize and analyze. With habitual mental phlegm they took cause for effect, and mistook Anarchists, Socialists and economic reformers in general for the creators of that by which they were created.

We begin to see the ignorant blindness of authority brought by the barrel of a gun. There are those who claim that they will keep us safe from violence, murder, theft and those who would exploit us for profit by using violence, murder, theft and exploiting us for profit. This is the barbaric nature of government. Too blinded by the statist utilitarian apologetics which excuse such behaviors for these few these individuals have run rampant through history declaring their victims criminals and evil as they paint themselves to be the savior.

Anarchism is not an embrace of disorder, chaos, murder or violence, but quite the opposite. It is to reject that some live outside of these ethical restrictions. It is the authoritarian who would claim others have no right to kill because they have no title or badge. They would claim the other criminals have no right to kill because the badge or title was not given to them by the criminals they work with and for.

One can not begin to structure a civil society until they have rejected the criminal behavior in the nature of the state.

They somehow justify their actions with the fact that they will kill and cage other human beings. The only ‘authority’ they truly have over another is that they obtain with thuggery. Many have been so conditioned to accept this as the only way that terms like ‘law’ ‘state’ ‘police’ or ‘illegal’ need no justification they are assumed by uncritical masses.