| In Florida, we have the Baker Act. This means if someone with a badge considers you a danger to yourself or others you can be locked in a Mental Institution against your will for a 72 hour evaluation period before they decide what is in the best interest of “your” life. Most states have something similar, like California’s 5150.

According to the law, smoking a cigarette or having a glass of wine falls under harming yourself, which poses obvious problems.

If you look to the pictures at the right, you might conclude that more harm was done to this woman by the police who tried to “save” her by insisting she accept help that she didn’t want. It wasn’t until the police showed up that someones life became endangered. If this woman didn’t have mental issues before she most likely will now.

This is not the first time we have seen the police use excessive force when trying to “save” a person from themselves. This older gentleman, who tripped on his stairs and injured his leg joked with paramedics that he “would feel better if I shot myself in the head.” So the police brutally tasered him multiple time because he did not want to go to the hospital. Again – Bakers Act.

This law was also applied when the police tasered a bed ridden 86 year old woman and committed her for 6 days for taking an allegedly “aggressive” stance while laying in her bed. Read Entire Article

After you see the following video and read this unfortunate person’s story, everything you have just read above will make you feel like you were floating on a cloud overlooking the ocean drinking a margarita. This has to be the worst abuse of this law that I have ever seen. There are a lot more undercover hidden videos and stories that relate just to this case.

A woman disappears. After months she is found in one of New York’s worst mental health hospitals. Her name is Pat Kobylak. You can read how horrible some of the state workers and police officers can be after kidnapping a human being while never being charged with a crime. Many more videos and full story here.

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