| If you’re unfamiliar with who Momma Ally is, she runs a underground 24 hour restaurant in Savannah, GA in which the local police have repeatedly harassed her and her drivers trying to find the location of their kitchen since they operate without permission from the government.

A few weeks back, while out posting fliers for her next catering event she came upon 4 police officers harassing a homeless man and decided to ask if he was alright. At that time the police officers then came for Momma Ally and she immediately started recording and was assaulted by one of the officers and arrested and bullied back at the police station.

That is when apparently the police department decided they had had enough, and apparently revealed that they knew where the kitchen was all along but were waiting on Ally to make a move.

Her husband revealed to me in an email last weekend

They also had a “biscuit” file at the station where just waiting to find us, I told them they were heros for taken people down for giving people who need it good cheap food….. they were none to happy

When they came for her spouse they showed their true identities and touted their arrest and threatened him in the way a big gang would.

They sent 7 cars and 8 cops to serve me a “contempt” of court warrant and then just talked shit to me about “you want film us we will film you” we have the big bad G from the biscuit were gonna close the biscuit down now…..they came the next day to the biscuit and flipped it upside down looking for her

The police are never your friend, and if you think that then you need to read more of the stories here on our website. These officers could have been out there looking for a robber, a thief, an arsonist, or even a rapist. But instead they, as well as most officers across the country, enjoy picking on the little guys who have harmed nobody.

They do all this then talk about how tough their jobs are hunting down criminals all day. There’s no money in that, they spend way more time hunting down people who are of no threat to anyone. Their cowards in most instances. A police officer is nothing more than an armed fundraiser in most instances. Read Entire Article

By Edmond Dantes