GonzoTimes.com | The “Rule Of Law” argument or defense has been used many times by many people interested in conserving the state. It is often used to defend the action of the state. This is the equivalent of someone telling you that they are right simply because they say so. This has been used recently in my neighborhood to defend an attack on the poverty stricken as well as with the anti-migrant battle of the conservatives.

The only defense these people often give is “We are a country of laws.” This has to be one of the most uncritical responses any person can give. It assumes with some religiosity that this law their demigod politicians have placed on paper is somehow sacred. It is a similar line of thought to “Pharaoh is god.” The title we have given this thing makes it worthy of our worship and servitude.

The “law” that is spoken of is not an actual law like the law of gravity. It is the invented concepts of mostly rich and powerful men who have written down what they want to do to other human beings or what they want to force other human beings to do. This is all the “Rule Of Law” is. There are true laws such as gravity, and we have still attempted to break those, and then there is the desire of the powerful to control other human beings.

To use the “Rule Of Law” defense only shows that one has no true ethical defense for their actions. This leads to telling people that they have written on paper that they are permitted to use guns against you to obtain what they want. The “law” is the stance of the individual who can not even recite the apologetics of the state, but has accepted the assumed omnipotence of the state as sacred.

The “Rule Of Law” defense requires no critical thinking of why something should or should not be the way it is. It frees the individual from ethical behavior by excusing the unethical with a phrase that many imagine as an equivalent of something holy or good. The rule of Hitler’s law slaughtered human beings. The rule of law condoned hunting down slaves.

Law is not order. This is a myth. The lack of law will not bring chaos. Order can be found outside of forcing people to do as you wish with their guns.