| What it comes down to is that people are frustrated by the entities that have power over them and are a major factor in determining both their financial and personal destinies, the greatest of which is the government. People feel as if they have so little control over their lives and finances because of the usurpation over them by the government. The government, like a cancer, has managed to metastasize itself into so much of our lives until we find that our vitality has been completely drained and we resign ourselves to the palliative of apathy and passivity. Why do we choose this pain management approach instead of serious invasive surgery of the malignant tumor that is our government? Because we are overwhelmed with a sense of hopelessness and despair and feel that we cannot make a difference and regain control over our lives and destiny. But, the anger and resentment is always lurking right under the surface, ready to rear its ugly head at the slightest provocation.

What we need to realize is that the government does not have our best interest in mind, but the best interest of themselves and the big businesses who can afford to send lobbyists to Washington to “appeal” to Congress to pass laws that benefit them. I hate to sound jaded and I know that the government would hope you would write my ideas off as such, but if you think about it, this really is a country for the wealthy. The government likes to remind all of us that we have a voice in how our government is run. Well, they are right about that. We all do have a voice, but we have little or no influence because we have no financial backing. The laws imposed on us by the government are for the most part passed to benefit those in power and those with money and influence. In fact, on the hill those words are synonymous. Money is influence. Does Congress want to prove me wrong?