| My normal in-person tactic, when the truth might be a problem, is to just say nothing- or to try to say the truth in a way that is less painful. This comes up a lot in social situations where people say ridiculous pro-State things that I want to respond to. The truth would cause trouble, so I try to just say nothing. It doesn’t come naturally to me. Pointing out their foolishness will probably solve nothing in that case.

Even saying nothing can be troublesome. For those who believe silence is consent, if I say nothing I might find myself in a situation later where I have to speak up or end up doing something I know I shouldn’t do. Like stand up and pledge allegiance to a flag or something similar.

Another problem is that some people just can’t leave well-enough alone, and keep prying to find out why you aren’t saying anything. Or want to know why you just rolled your eyes.

Telling the truth is better and usually easier, even when it hurts people’s feelings. “Taxation” is theft. Cops are bad guys. The State is a silly, arbitrary, and harmful mental glitch. Supporting any of those things is a poor decision, based upon self-contradictory errors in thinking. If that hurts your feelings, you need to do some deep thinking and make the decision to go with the truth rather than with what feels nice. Read Entire Article

By Kent McManigal