Police StateOTN | Obscured Truth Network and Free Talk Live Host Ian Freeman as we engage Lt. Shane Maxfield from the Keene Police Department Inc., on a number of subjects.

Part 1 discusses open carry rights, and a group of activists who were harassed by Manchester Police for exercising the rights the Manchester police were instituted to protect.

In part 2 we cover the fundamental flaws with government police that lead to corruption rising in the ranks.

In part 3 we explore the reasons police have lost credibility with the general public over the years. We also discuss the complaint process and the public relations consequences for police enforcing bad laws.

In part 4 we discuss how the government uses laws to shield itself from competition, while simultaneously restricting innovation. We also cover the war on drugs, and Shane has some very interesting thoughts on the subject.

In part 5 we come across a couple of guys stumbling out of a bar, and engage them in what turns out to be a very interesting discussion. Caution: This video contains words restricted by local, state and federal US government corporations.