| Apparently, many continue to argue very complicated issues without addressing the real facts, and without looking inward. These arguments then are fallacious, which is purposeful or based on total ignorance.

I do understand the issue of terrorism after years of research, and I realize that only the informed can honestly address this subject without prejudice. Most conversations are skewed toward isolated hate, cultural or religious ignorance, or false nationalism. Neither is useful, and can only bias any legitimate discussion. In most of America, the talk concerning terrorism is completely dishonest, and lacking in objective truth. It is one sided, and all causation is ignored.

“Choosing words carefully” is always important, but does not guarantee the validity of the argument being presented. This is especially true when that argument is singularly targeted toward one conclusion without the benefit of fact or reason, a very common tactic in opinion pieces. Relativism generally rules the day.

Considering these parameters, any discussion about terrorism should include all terrorism and all participants. I will preface my statements by saying that all terrorism is heinous, evil, and unholy, regardless of the identity of the perpetrator, whether individual, group, or nation state. The problem with most is that only isolated terrorist acts, those committed by U.S. politically designated terrorists, are considered. Abominable acts of state sponsored and state sanctioned murder for political, monetary, and geopolitical reasons are ignored, and these are normally covered up by propaganda based on the false notion of “national defense.” In other words, U.S. wars of total aggression against countries that have never attacked, or even had the ability to attack this country, are never considered terrorism by the mainstream. Why?

Most of the identifiable Middle Eastern terrorist groups, including al Qaeda, the Taliban, IS, and most other so-called “freedom fighters,” especially in Syria, Libya, Ukraine, and Iraq, have been funded and armed by the U.S. This is now not arguable. In addition, waging brutal and aggressive war against nations that have never attacked us has caused massive blowback in the form of increased terrorism. In other words, the “War on Terror” (actually War of Terror) causes terrorism, and that is a planned and sought after response.

Why is occupation and mass murder committed by the U.S. government considered “God’s work,” while all other acts of politically motivated murder considered terrorism? Terrorism is terrorism, period! Try wearing the shoes of those innocent families being bombed daily by U.S. drones.

By Gary D. Barnett