Voluntaryist.com | To speak the truth without fear is the only resistance I am bound to display. To disseminate without reserve all the principles with which I am acquainted and to do so on every occasion with the most persevering constancy, so that my acquiescence to injustice will not be assumed, is my self-assumed obligation.

The honest among us realize that the resort to coercion is a tacit confession of imbecility. If he who employs force against me could mold me to his purposes by argument, no doubt he would.

The alternative is then simply living by the libertarian principle
that no person or group of people is entitled to resort to violence or its threat in order to achieve their ends. This means that everyone, regard-less of their position in the world, who is desirous of implementing their ideas, must rely solely on voluntary persuasion and not on force or its threat.

Individuals make the world go round; individuals and only individuals exist. No man has any duty towards his fellow men except to refrain from the initiation of violence. Nothing is due a man in strict justice but what is his own. To live honestly is to hurt no one and to give to every one his due.

…Justice will not come to reign unless those who care for its coming are prepared to insist upon its value and have the courage to speak out against what they know to be wrong.

Let it not be said that I did not speak out against tyranny.

Excerpt From I Must Speak Out – The Best of The Voluntaryist 1982 to 1999.

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