| “Today I received a message which expressed a very familiar sentiment I hear often. The “punchline” was this: “I am ready to give up on politics, but also scared to.” As I’ve explained before, the “political process” is DESIGNED to: 1) use up the time, effort and money of good people; 2) accomplish nothing for those people, and; 3) eventually give those people the impression that resistance is futile, that this is just how things are, and that they should give up and go with the flow.

Even as a statist, it struck me as odd that some people were vehemently pushing voting–“it’s your civic duty, you have to participate!” etc.–without saying WHO they wanted others to vote for. Shouldn’t you want the people who share your values to vote, and want everyone else to not vote? Why would anyone push voting PER SE? The answer is simple, but extremely creepy. The U.S. ruling class needs its victims to IMAGINE that the people have some say in the matter, that they are “consenting” to the situation, and that those in power are “representing” the “will of the people.” None of that is true, but if people don’t IMAGINE it to be true, then the empire loses its perceived legitimacy, people stop imagining an obligation to obey BS “laws” and pay BS “taxes,” and then the empire comes crashing down.

And therein lies the GOOD news. The path to freedom is the exact opposite direction from “political action.” Nothing needs to be done TO the gang called “government”; no election needs to be won, no revolution needs to occur. There is no need to petition tyrants, or whine for a change in “legislation.” Here’s the secret: they appear powerful ONLY because their VICTIMS still believe in the myth of “authority,” still believe in the Divine Right of Politicians. The “political process” is like a primitive tribe trying to do battle with a Volcano God. “No matter how hard we fight, or how bravely we charge in, it keeps incinerating us!” There is a solution. Walk away. But the key is NUMBERS. If one person tries to walk away, the true believers in the Volcano God will drag him back and throw him in. Likewise, if one person tries to ignore the mythical “government” god, its true believers will eagerly sacrifice that “criminal” to their bogus deity. However, when even a significant minority escapes the authoritarian indoctrination and stops imagining an obligation to obey the arbitrary threats of violence euphemistically called “laws,” the lie becomes unenforceable. In one sense, what we’re up against is “So Small a Thing” (the title of my upcoming Anarchapulco talk), and recently a LOT more people have been escaping the lie. And the lie is the ONLY problem. Without it, all the war machines, the soldiers, cops and bureaucrats, the prisons–all of it evaporates. And that day is coming. Yes, “resistance” in the form of voting, petitioning, and other “political action” is futile. Getting humanity to wake up from the lie is not.” – Larken Rose

The Most Dangerous Superstition