| Picture if you were a multi-millionaire with an openly talked about 11 million dollar worth (property; cash; real-estate) but you had 13 million dollars in debt (the loans / mortgage on your house, property, business; and annual operating budget made up that 13M debt) and you cried to all that you know that you were almost under and did not know if you would survive, and bankruptcy was right around the corner..

Well, if people looked at your worth statement (11M) and your standing debt (13M) they would say: Shit, he is 2M in the hole. Or in governments case for impression’s sake why they are trying to take more money and provide less services.

Now for the “really piss you off comprehension”

I will use the same scenario as above but with one modification:

As step one you had a net worth free and clear of 13M. You called me up and said: “Walter, I want you to start a bank and I am going to give you for deposit 13M. I am then going to buy a big house (6M), start a business that will cost in setup (5M) and some other property that will cost 2M. I want you to lend the 13M to me for these things and charge me 7% interest and you can keep 2% for your effort in doing this for me.

So, in reality your 13M in debt is self funded and you are getting most of the interest charged.. The people that thought you were 2M in the hole were being played like a Stradivarius Violin thinking THE EXACT opposite of what was.

BOTTOM LINE: Government promotes debt at the front door as they fund the same debt with their own investment funds under arrangements / agreements through the back door. Did you ever once ask yourself who is funding that tens of trillions of dollars in debt? Think about it!

The whole sky is falling routine is designed to keep the people oblivious to what actually took place over the last 65 – 70 years as they were masterfully entertained.

Get it? Government took it all over by investment and at the same time locked in the productivity value of the next 5 to 7 generations through their expansion and shell game presented of dept and ongoing expense.

Probably 85% to 90% of government debt both domestically and “internationally” is self funded.

Now I bet this little bit of cognitive comprehension shown has brightened up your day. (sarcastically said) Read Entire Article

By Walter Burien