| The General Theory of Human Stupidity (GTHS) could be developed as a major “attention getter” to help make people aware of the World Freedom Challenge (WFC). GTHS could become a Potential Game-Change Factor (PGCF). GTHS is in the “Stupid Humor Genre.” GTHS could start with ten main parts:

1. Humans evolved from inferior apes, in accordance with the book Man: The fallen Ape: a Startling New Theory of the Evolution of Man by Branko Bokun (out of print — will be made available online). In many ways, humans are not only stupider than apes, but stupider than is possible for apes. Humans have a much greater capacity for abstract thought than apes. But abstract thought is a double-edged sword. When an ape wants a banana, he walks over to a banana tree and plucks a banana. Some humans, when they want a banana, watch the Oprah Show. They listen to a conman like James Earl Ray (one of the proponents of “The Secret” who collected thousands from gullible victims, some of whom he let die in his Sedona, AZ sweat lodge) as he explains the “law of attraction” (while Oprah cheers). Then they sit down and meditate with the “affirmation” that the “generous universe” and its “law of attraction” should bring them a banana. It’s not possible for an ape to be that stupid! (See also Get the “Law of Attraction” Working for You.)

In their brains, humans have some primitive animal programs (PAPs). One of the most important is the “pecking order bully system” (POBs). Like apes in the jungle, most humans have a compulsive urge to be part of a pecking order (domestic, corporate, and/or political) with a bully (no matter how abusive) at the top. In fact, most humans feel lost and helpless when they’re not part of a POBs. Several other PAPs (such as “conformity,” “follow the crowd,” “safety in numbers,” “mate and produce offspring,” etc. can be explained in the context of how they contribute to human stupidity. (Many humans love Barack Obama because subconsciously they see him as an African bully baboon. Michael Vick went to jail for organizing stupid dog fights. Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel peace prize for organizing stupid human fights!)

3. “Capture bonding” (a.k.a. the Stockholm syndrome) explains why humans can be so stupid that they love and obey the likes of Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Mussolini, Lincoln, Obama, etc. Members of early human tribes often captured members of other tribes, often enslaving them. The captives who obeyed and bonded with their captors tended to survive, while the captives who disobeyed tended to be killed. So evolution selected in favor of “obedient slaves who love their masters.”

4. Humans use “compulsory state education” to dumb down children and make them stupid. Particularly apt here are the writings and videos of John Taylor Gatto.

5. Most humans are so stupid that they worship all kinds of “pretendities,” many of which they can’t see or perceive otherwise. Humans have much greater imagination than apes. Like abstract thought, imagination is also a double-edged sword. Humans imagine all kinds of absurdities and regard them as “real.” They even slaughter one another by the million in the name of such absurd “pretendities.” Apes do tend to slaughter other apes of neighboring groups, but not to the extent that humans do. In this respect, many humans are not only stupider than apes, but stupider than is possible for apes! (Daniel Quinn’s books, including Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit provide examples of how humans can learn from apes.)

6. Most human languages include certain words designed to stupefy those who accept them and use them as-if valid — see THE ANATOMY OF SLAVESPEAK, as well as Word-Controlled Humans.

7. The “Monkeysphere” explains why many humans tend to care about their “immediate small group,” but generally don’t give a hoot about anybody or anything “more distant.” If a family member dies, it can affect you deeply. As an American, if the US military kill a few hundred thousand Iraqi civilians (and call it “collateral damage”), why should you care?

8. Money is an important element that separates humans from apes. However, money is also a double-edged sword. Humans can abuse money to make themselves srupider than apes. Plutonomists and GPPs routinely abuse money to enslave, exploit, and impoverish their victims. Apes don’t get into debt over their heads. Humans do. This is another way in which many humans are not only stupider than apes, but stupider than is possible for apes.

9. Consider scientology, godology (belief in so-called “god(s),” and governmentology (belief in so-called “government(s).” Scientology is a stupid cult and scientologists are not only stupider than apes, but stupider that is possible for apes. It’s not possible for apes to believe the absurdities scientologists believe. Godologist religions are also stupid cults. Using the numbers of people killed and/or slaughtered by cult members, godologists are approximately 100,000 times stupider than scientologists. Governmentologist institutions are also stupid cults. Again using the numbers of people killed and/or slaughtered by cult members, governmentologists are approximately 10 times stupider than godologists.

10. Other general forms of human stupidity can be found in the many books already published on human stupidity.

GTHS can be expanded into an ebook in PDF format. It could also be published in hard copy. It could become a bestseller. A GTHS movie could be made.