| One of the best parts is at 1:05:  “So your code applies because he didn’t file a return?”


I was being nice when I said it was one of the most ridiculous things I’d ever heard: The code is applicable when you don’t file a return.  I would not recommend thinking through that too much, it will make your head spin.

He finally broke down and admitted he didn’t understand the question e.g., What facts do you rely on your silly code is applicable to my client at all?  If you really can’t understand such a simple question it’s probably because of two things:

  1. There are no facts to support your opinion the code applies; and
  2. Your job does not involve objective standards of proof and critical thought.

Whether he really understood or not, he clearly didn’t have any facts proving the code he insisted applied to my client actually applied to him.  Despite no facts, he continued insisting what was on the form letter was true.  Like most people, the man is stuck in a mental loop, a program running on perceptions, not based on critical thought and analysis of the facts.  I probably could have spent an hour with the guy and he still would not get it.

We encounter this mental block all the time and the more someone has invested in political perceptions, the more they will be unable to process the facts right in front of them.  Even when I get some of these tax agents to admit there is no evidence they just dig their heels in and attack even harder.  An example is the Maryland tax case with Denis.  There the agent who did the assessment admitted there were no facts and she was not qualified to do the assessment.  Such an obvious lack of evidence seems to drive psychopaths like Kathleen Barry with the Maryland attorney general’s office even harder.

So if you have ever encountered disdain from others who believe the code applies to everyone or is “universal”, let them hear this call and others from the Call of Shame.  Ask them to give you the facts they rely on proving the code applies to you.  You may get personal attacks, but you won’t get any evidence.

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