GonzoTimes.com | A more effective way of communicating would be one where we call out specific actions, needs and requests. Perhaps we should examine the division we participate in creating against others with such language.

Many conflicts arise out of an ‘us vs. them’ paradigm. Racism, sexism, left, right etc… the list can go on forever. Ethnocentrism is a central part of the divisions we see. Our society and culture focuses on what is good or acceptable within its limits. Often people fall outside of this. This leads to an oppression of a people like what we see with the Gay community and heterosexism. By addressing needs and avoiding judgments we see much of the dispute can melt away. The argument against the Gay community from their oppressors is one simply formed from their judgment language built out of this hierarchical mindset. People are labeled evil, sinful, unnatural and are marginalized by the mindset of this language of authority and hierarchy.

We must begin to see what language we use that is based on this paradigm of judgment. We must disengage from the mindset that uses this to structure society by a punishment and reward system of hierarchy. This article is being written in hopes that you will begin to analyze and criticize the language paradigm ingrained in our society that we are socialized to accept from a young age. Read More