AngryHateMusic | This is the tyrannical corporate ugly machine at work. Are we going to wait for genocide to accept this reality? Let this simple violation of rights be an example to remember.

This is very important to understand. These Police are fully aware that they serve and enforce on behalf of for-profit private corporations, and not for the service and protection of the citizenry.

You gotta make a living somewhere” and “You gotta take care of your family somehow” are synonymous to “I was just following orders” and “How do you know he’s a gook? Because he’s dead.

We can easily glean just how far these officers would go (in other situations) to provide for their families. Perhaps taking a life from your family will suffice their preferential appetite for a time. I would assume these same concerns motivated men like Peter von Hagenbach, members of the Schutzstaffel, Oberkapo, and those tried at the Nuremberg Trials. These concerns are motivating without a doubt. I voluntarily choose to contract and trade with my fellow man to get my daily bread, not initiate aggression against him.

Trampling on everyone else is ok if it puts food on their plate. Better yet, if it wasn’t their idea of just what will be trampled on, the cry of ignorance as innocence is useful to wash their hands with. This to say, abdicates the conscience of those weaker in virtue.

These armed individuals in costumes are not concerned with any oath to any constitution, free speech, rights, virtue, integrity, or you. They are simply going to do what they have been trained to do. They are no longer free thinking individuals while in uniform. They are practicing the “see-hear-speak-no-evil” mentality. They are willing to sacrifice others for their own benefit and disregard their participation. I can only hope they will sleep on it.
What is Führerprinzip?

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